Path, Meet Purpose


Have you ever been a bit restless? I am sure you have. It is a rare occurrence in my life but it occurs nonetheless. At times, much like tonight, I find myself needing to escape the confines of these four walls, and so I do. On this night I decided to use my taking out of the trash as the opportunity I elected to be the salvation from my small campus apartment that might free me into the night air. After throwing the trash into the bin I decided to sit on a nearby bench to think. About nothing in particular. Merely to think. I thought about this new school semester. I thought about this new season of my life that has brought me to an interesting place. I began to ask God what it was all for and what is next (among other things). As I sat there underneath the flickering lamppost I began to stare at the ground. Staring down, I noticed ants moving along the dirt. They moved almost in a set formation. With undeterred focus they ignored any and all obstacles or strange paths. They merely went about their business; moving with purpose. I thought to myself, now how is it that they have it all together? How is it that they can do this and we [humans] get it so mixed up? The answer? Every creature on this planet was created with a purpose inherent at birth. I believe that. From the lowly ant to the human being. The ant, that has no sentience or higher brain function, has its purpose and walks it out while we, in all of our “intelligence”, allow ourselves to live with little to no purpose at all. Many times we begin the path toward it but allow the situations and circumstances around us to challenge our resolve or even bring it to a screeching halt; leaving our destination far from reached and our purpose unfulfilled. We spend our days searching for our purpose and striving toward things we think it could be, while never coming anywhere meaningfully close to it. Never actually grabbing hold of it. It is truly baffling and more than a bit unsettling. Each single ant walks its path directly to its destination and once it’s destination is reached, it walks its path to its next destination, without hesitation. If a foot comes careening down onto the ants home, crushing its entire world (leaving its interweavings vulnerable and bare), yes the ants may spin about for a few moments but they immediately get back to repairing and building because that is their purpose. That is what they were made to do. That is what we are supposed to be doing as well; seeking out our purpose and walking in it without hesitation. Do not know what your purpose is? It is to seek first the Kingdom. It is to seek after your creator, for He is the only one who can guide you into fulfillment. You may not have the whole picture all at once but he will give you that piece you need for this moment and for this season. Once He gives it to you, it is up to you to walk it out, to the destination with a God-given focus and determination, until the next piece is acquired. And if the enemy tries to throw something into your world to bring the pieces crumbling down around you, get on your feet, and start rebuilding. Much like with the ants and their hill, if you stay in that broken crumbling place you cannot finish the work you were purposed to do. The work that is for building HIS Kingdom. As you focus on that inherent purpose of seeking God, [more of] His revelation of your purpose will be revealed. You need not fear. You need not fret. When your focus is on Him and when your heart is set, He will keep your path true. He will keep you going toward that hill and once all the pieces are in place, He will guide you to the top so that you can see the whole picture. So that you can see the results of His guidance and your obedience. So that you can see what it was all for. For, your purpose is what God wants you to fulfill. The enemy wants you to spin, but God wants you to build.

Feel free to let me know what you think! :)

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