This life is full of a multitude of things that encourage the shape in which our psyche evolves. Each thing, as it were, comes packed with moments. Moments where how we allow ourselves to be impacted, can alter the course of our days, our years, and even our lives, forever. There are moments of blissful wonder which tend to reap happiness. There are moments of pain, hurt, and anguish, which tend to reap melancholy, fear, and despair. All of these moments culminate into experiences that either validate or repudiate our self-worth or even our very existence. In mere moments a life can be restored or annihilated. In mere moments a fire can be ignited or snuffed out. In mere moments a world was created and a perfect standing destroyed, and in mere moments that perfect standing was restored. Just moments. It only takes moments to accomplish a thing, but it takes a concurrence of those moments to accomplish a destiny. And to accomplish a destiny our self-worth MUST be checked.
Moments Destiny3If we believe anything about ourselves that is not in the word then we are believing something that is straight from the pit of hell. If we are believing that we are anything but holy and dearly loved by our creator, then we are believing a lie. See, we have an enemy that wants nothing more than to keep us stagnant. He wants to keep us at a disadvantage because he knows that if he can keep us down-and-out, if he can keep us in the mud, if he can keep us in the bed not wanting to even be awake, if he can keep us on our knees with our fists banging the floor, then he’s got us. And if he has us in a place of defeat, that we think we do not deserve to be out of (for some misguided notion that God is holding our pasts against us) then he can get us distracted by the things of this world that only further serve to dull us and keep us ineffective. If he can get you to wash your sorrows away with alcohol, or escape reality through trivial romps about town, or throw yourself into meaningless relationships, then his victory is all but decided. But if we would come alive to the truth of God’s word when it says that we are HOLY and dearly loved. If we would come to the realization that we are seated at the right hand of the Father because we are ONE with Him THROUGH Christ, then every chain holding us back would be broken. To believe, or worse, to SAY that you are worth anything less than what His death on the cross proved you to be, would be to put Jesus back on the cross and crucify him again. It would be a smack in the face of God. God, who viewed Christ above ALL else, gave HIM up for YOU and after that he proclaimed to say that he no longer imputes (assigns or counts) your sins against YOU because YOU are HIS WORKMANSHIP, re-created IN CHRIST and placed at HIS level, at the right hand of God. What does that say about your worth? What does that say about who YOU are? Does that say that you are worthless? Does that say that God is mad at you? Does that say you do not deserve to be loved? The truth of the matter is, there is only ONE reason the enemy fights you as much as he does. The only reason the enemy fights you and attacks you so hard is because he KNOWS, that if you FINALLY come to the realization of who YOU are IN Christ, you will be UNDENIABLY DANGEROUS to his kingdom. If the enemy is not attacking you then he knows he has beaten you and if he knows he has beaten you, there is no need to even bother with you any longer. But thanks be to God Almighty that you are a VICTOR. Thanks be to Him that what he did on that cross did not just shake the ground. It did more than you realize. It gave you the ability, nay, the Moments Destiny3 2RIGHT and privilege to be AS HE IS IN THIS WORLD. It gave you the way to be HEALED, WHOLE, and COMPLETE. It gave you the avenue by which your realization of right-standing would be a witness to others. A beaten down spirit does not win others to the Kingdom. What wins others to the Kingdom is being around a spirit that is on FIRE for God. A spirit in a body that the devil tried [unsuccessfully] to break down. A spirit in a person who went through the tunnel of pain and despair and came out on the other end praising God. THAT is what changes mindsets. THAT is what mends hearts. THAT is what encourages others. THAT is what tells the devil you can not be defeated. THAT is what shakes the foundation of fear and self-loathing in your life. It only takes one thing to get there. A moment. A moment of perfect clarity in your position as a believer. A moment where you decide you are done being beaten down, subjugated, and tossed around by the devil. A moment when you purpose in your heart that from THIS day, you will say ONLY what the word says about you and NOTHING else. And as the juxtaposition of these moments build, a new foundation (that cannot be shaken) will form in your life and you will notice a joy and a peace and a passionate thirst for God that cannot be quenched. God cannot make you do it, a significant other cannot make you do it, a family member cannot make you do it. The decision is ours and ours alone. The serpent could not MAKE Adam disobey God in the garden. Adam chose that. The devil cannot MAKE you stay defeated. You choose defeat when you choose to give in. If we want to live the lives of blessing and favor God sacrificed for us to have, then we have to CHOOSE to change the way we see ourselves and that change begins with a moment.



Writers Note: If you have ever been like me, and have ever struggled with self-worth, God is saying this to you.

“Do you want to know your worth? The holes in my hands are what you are worth. The spear in my side is what you are worth. The thorns that enshrouded my head is what you are worth. The blood flowing to wash you clean is what you are worth. Do you really want to know what you are truly worth? My child, you were worth it ALL.”


Feel free to let me know what you think! :)

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