The Newest Oxymoron of the 21st Century: “Affordable” Healthcare

obamacare 2



SO I will be riding this healthcare thing out for as long as I can. Someone asked me the other day if I would be signing up. My answer is an unequivocal NO. Do not get me wrong, my problem is not [completely] with the New Healthcare Law. If the Government wants to institute their own healthcare, yet another inefficient government-controlled service and a system that allows people free services on the dime of real hard working tax paying Americans, then more power (also bad idea) to them. My BIGGEST problem with it, however, and what SHOULD be the biggest red flag to EVERY citizen and potential consumer, is the fact that it is MANDATED. Wait, come again? You mean to tell me that we do not actually live in a free-market economy (where we have the freedom to choose) like our founding fathers said we did? The simple fact that the government (whose powers should be limited) is removing the best part of a free-market system: the freedom of choice, is alarming. So let me get this straight, Government can dictate that you have the freedom to murder an innocent unborn child but not the freedom to choose what to do with your own money in regards to YOUR OWN health? Interesting. Totalitarianism anyone? The basest and simplest right or benefit of a free market capitalist society, such as the one we have enjoyed in the [once] great United States of America, is competition. Any economist who actually knows anything about economics will tell you the proven fact that [honest and true] competition can only benefit the consumer.

The more choices you have in any market, the more buying power you have because now you can CHOOSE how you spend your money. Prices are better, quality of items or services are [generally] better, which increases demand for those services, leading more consumers to put more of their hard-earned money back into the economy. This is why Laissez-faire and the “invisible hand” concepts are so important and why they lead to economic growth and self-correction over time.  Conversely, if we have only ONE choice, what happens? Prices are higher and demand is lower. This leads people to be less willing to put their money into the economy by purchasing other items because now they have less buying power and feel they have to “conserve”. This common sense approach flies in the face of what we have been hearing on television about how everyone will be able to have “affordable” healthcare. Well money does not just appear or grow on trees, so how is the difference made up? Through taxes and increases in premiums. Two things which, if history has shown us anything, only serve to HURT the economy. It is all about choices. Choices are ALWAYS good. [Economic] Mandates and heavy governmental regulations are generally always bad. The more of a hold government has on your life, the farther we get from the free-society our fore-fathers envisioned and the closer we get to a tyrannical command-system where what the government says goes and you can do nothing about it but bask in your glorious misfortune. And hey, while we are at it, why not get rid of the Third Amendment as well and be forced to quarter troops? Might as well since, every day, yet another constitutional freedom is coming under fire and at risk of extermination. I mean, Big Brother is always watching anyway, so let us just welcome him into our homes and lives with open arms. I do not know about you, but I want to stay as close as possible, to the core ideals and foundations that this country was founded on, (minus that whole slavery fiasco). Otherwise, we might as well take our flag down, burn it, raise an Iranian one, and solute the death of America. That might be what they want anyway.

Feel free to let me know what you think! :)

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