Hope in Humanity [Somewhat] Restored

snow 2

So, I will preface this post by saying: I live in the Metro Atlanta area… For those who may not know (chances are you do), Tuesday was the beginning of a REALLY fun time for we Georgia residents. It was definitely a CRAZY day. I started off the day like any other: by going to class. While in class at around 12:30 we received word that the school would be closing promptly at  1pm due to weather conditions.

Now, I did happen to listen to the radio that morning on my way there and yes heard the forecast but, I will be honest, when they said, “We should have a pretty good chance of snow today and this week…” I was a bit skeptical. Mainly because Georgian meteorologists have been saying this for MONTHS (and longer) with little more than a flurry. Needless to say, my hopes in feeling some icy precipitation grace my tongue from the sky, had been set at an abysmally low level. Well, lo and behold (I hate that phrase), as soon as I stepped outside EVERYTHING was white as, well, snow (there is a pun in there somewhere) and snow was falling from the sky; pelting my face with snowy goodness. However, my wondrous excitement quickly faded; turning into a grimacing abhorrence, as I left school (which is only 15 minutes from my house) to head to a home it took me 6 hours to reach! Well played meteorologists. Well played…


Let me tell you, the drive was GREAT. I missed my shift at work, almost died a few times, had to worry about sliding into other cars (as well as nutty drivers who decided it was okay to not follow normal driving laws), and then got stuck on a hill of ice in the middle of a double 4-way intersection (as a woman in her car filmed my entire struggle on her smartphone). It was magnificently embarrassing. 😀 Ahhhh, lovely. What’s more, as I was able to back up and go downhill my car started spinning out (missing the gas station entrance I was aiming for) and I ran into a snowy bank. My car would not budge. No matter WHAT I tried. Well this guy, who was standing on the sidewalk helping ppl, grabbed another lady and they pushed my car out, allowing me to get it into a small parking lot (because there was NO way I was getting up that hill to get home). I walked up to him to thank him and he said, “I am from Ohio and we NEVER experience things like this. They have the salt trucks out BEFORE a drop of snow even falls.” But what do we get here? Well, basically this:


Ahh, good ol’ Georgia.  So I left my car and walked about 2 miles to get home. In the cold… With wet shoes… And socks… No gloves… And the thinnest [H&M] jacket, [Gap] shirt, and skinny jean combination the world has ever seen. I started to think about what had transpired and I realized something: why worry about it? God is in control.  And, just like that, what SHOULD have been an AWFUL day ended up being an AMAZING one because of people like that man. A Stranger whom I had never met, who could have EASILY driven past all of these people in need to worry about himself, took his own time to stand on the sidewalk and in the middle of the ice-covered street to help people who were in need. That friends, is what uncontrollable circumstances [at their BEST] should look like. That is what Blesses me and keeps my hope in humanity alive. People sacrificing their time, their energy, their facilities, their food, and even their homes (in some cases) to assist when many others would have (and had) driven right on by. God Bless EVERY single person, who did for others, what that man did for me. Hope in Humanity [Somewhat] Restored.

P.S: I WAS able to get my car back home the next day (Wednesday) safely. For anyone who cares.  🙂

-Eric M.-

Feel free to let me know what you think! :)

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